Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Payatham Paruppu Urundai

#GreenGram #SweetBalls : This is otherwise known as #Seeniurundai meaning sugar balls. The split green gram is roasted till golden brown and ground into fine powder in a flour mill. This flour is stored in an air tight container. At home, whenever ghee is made by melting butter in a heavy bottomed vessel, these balls are prepared. The ghee is then transferred into a container leaving required amount in the vessel. Then the flour, powdered sugar with cardamom is added into the vessel containing the remaining quantity of hot ghee and made into sweet balls. The cardamom and hot pure and fresh ghee give a nice taste & aroma to these balls.
Here is the method of preparation.

Green gram sweet balls

Ingredients :

Roasted green gram and sugar

1/2 cup                                Green Gram
1/2 cup                                Sugar [ adjust ]
3                                         Cardamom
1/4 cup                                Ghee
3 or 4                                  Cashew nuts.

Method :
Break cashew nuts into small pieces and roast well with ghee.
Keep aside.

Heat a kadai on a stove over medium flame.
Roast green gram until it becomes golden brown color.
Since the quantity taken is very less grind into a nice powder using a mixer grinder.
Sieve through a flour colander.

Grind roasted green gram into a nice powder

Then powder sugar with cardamom.

If you are melting butter for ghee, then keep the required quantity in the vessel in which it is melted.
Rest transfer into a container.


Mix powdered green gram and powdered sugar in a vessel.

Mix powdered green gram and powdered sugar

Then add into the vessel containing hot ghee.
Keep the flame at SIM.
Mix well with a ladle util the mixture becomes slightly hot.

Mix with hot ghee

Try to make balls when it is still hot and able to handle with hands.

powdered green gram and sugar mixed with hot ghee

Arrange in an air tight container.

payatham paruppu urundai

Yummy payatham urundai is ready.

Note :
If the balls keep breaking while making them, then add some more hot ghee and mix well.
Now you could be able to make proper balls out of the mix.
The given amount of sugar may be increased to get more sweeter balls.

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