Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rice Varieties

Links to #MixedRice, #Briyani and #Pulav are listed here.


Jeera Rice

Jeera Rice
Peas pulav
Manathakkali Keerai Rice
Murungai Keerai Rice
Puli Sundal - Tamarind Fried Rice
Vegetable Pulav with Coconut Milk
Spinach Rice

Pudhina Briyani

Pudhina [ Mint ] Briyani
Varagarisi [ Kodo millet ] Pudhina Briyani

Mixed Rice Varieties

  • Use the picture grid given below to go to posts of Mixed Rice Varieties.
  • Hover cursor over the picture to know the name of the recipe.
  • Click on the picture to take you to the recipe.

Mixed Rice
Cooking Rice Rice for Mixed Rice Thaengai sadham [ Coconut Rice ]
Thaengai Murungaikeerai sadham [ Coconut Rice with Drumstick leaf ] Thayir Sadham [ Curd rice ] Karuveppilai Sadham [ Curry Leaf rice ]
Kuthiraivaali Kothamalli Rice [ Barnyard millet Coriander Rice ] Lemon Rice Lemon Rice
Mullangi Keerai Rice [ Radish Greens Rice ] Puliyodharai [ Tamarind Rice ] Kuthiraivaali Puliyodharai [ Barnyard Millet Tamarind Rice ]
Varagarisi Puliyodharai [ Kodo Millet Tamarind Rice ] Varagarisi Bisibelebath [ Kodo Millet Bisibelebath ] Thakkali Sadham [ Tomato Rice ]
Vangi Bath [ Brinjal Rice ] Samai Bisibelebath [ little Millet Bisibelebath ] Cabbage Pepper Rice
Tulasi rice [ tulsi rice ] Nellikkai rice [ gooseberry rice ]

Sambar rice/bisibele bath
Sambar rice - Phataphat

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