Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mullangi Keerai Rice - Radish Green Rice

#MullangiKeeraiRice  #radishGreensRice : After rains the market is flooded with radish with leaves.
Last week I bought radish as well as mulai keerai. I prepared keerai masiyal for lunch.
I planned to prepare thuvatal with radish leaves but did not prepare as already a keerai preparation has been made. If I keep it for the next day its crunchiness will go off.
So I prepared this rice for dinner.
It came out very well and taste was very good. Now to the recipe

Mullangi Keerai Rice [ Radish Greens Rice ]

Ingredients :

Radish leaves

cooked rice                                  : 1/2 cup
mullangi keerai ( radish leaves )      : 1 cup
onion                                           : 1 medium size
garlic cloves                                 : 2 or 3
green chilly sauce                         : 1 tsp ( adjust )
pepper powder                              : 1/4 tsp
gingelly oil                                    : 2 tsp
cumin seeds                                  : 1/2 tsp

Method :

Thinly slice onion and nicely chop garlic cloves

Keep a kadai ( wok ) on slow flame with oil.
When its hot add cumin seeds.
The add sliced onion and saute for a minute.
Now add nicely chopped garlic.

Saute for a minute and add green chilly sauce.
Now add the chopped leaves.

Adjust salt and cover with a lid to cook the leaves.
When the leaves are soft add rice and mix well.
Add pepper powder and adjust salt.
Transfer into a serving bowl.

Mullangi Keerai Rice [ Radish Greens Rice ]

Relish with a kurma or any curry.

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