Sunday, September 15, 2013

Waffles 1

#Waffle : My dear daughter bought some waffles pockets in Germany and packed them in my baggage.
I do not know what to do with those soft biscuit like waffles.
Then my daughter told to have them with fruits and cream.
I do not have cream at hand. 
So I relished those waffles with fruits and other available ingredients at home.

Waffle topped with Pomegranate and banana

Ingredients :

Waffles                                : 4
Pomegranate pearls             : 1/2 cup
Banana diced                       : 1/2 cup
Honey                                  : 4 tsp

Arrange pomegranate over the waffles.

Top it with banana pieces.

Pour a tsp of honey over the fruits.

Now its ready to relish.

Waffle topped with Pomegranate and banana

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