Thursday, January 16, 2014

Broken Maize Porridge

Broken Maize ( Corn ) Porridge is a healthy drink and very easy to make.
The given ingredients are just enough to prepare a cup of Porridge - Kanji.

Broken maize [ corn ] porridge

Ingredients :

broken maize ( corn sooji )

1/4 Cup                                    Broken Maize ( Corn )
3 Cloves                                   Garlic
1/4 Cup                                    Milk
1 Cup                                       Water
1/4 Tsp                                     Salt

For Seasoning :
Pepper Powder

Method :
Take a cup of water in a vessel.
Heat over a medium flame.
When bubbles are formed at the bottom and on the sides of the vessel, add broken maize and nicely chopped garlic.

Allow to simmer until the grains become soft.

Now add salt and milk.
Simmer for two more minutes.
Switch off the stove.

Transfer into a serving bowl and top it with pepper powder.
Enjoy hot porridge ( kanji ) with papad or pickle.

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