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#Chutney : Links to #ChutneyRecipes
In modern culinary terms chutney is a #dip to have with #tiffin.
#Thuvaiyal is also a chutney but ground with less water and generally relished by mixing with rice.

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Chutney / Thuvaiyal
Bhringaraj Chutney [ Karisalangkanni Thuvaiyal ] Brinjal Chutney [ Katharikkai Chutney ] Muttaikos Chutney [ Cabbage Chutney ]
Carrot Chutney Coconut Chutney Coconut Chutney with Red chilly
Coriander Green Chutney Coriander Chutney with red chilly Coriander Gooseberry Yogurt Chutney
Garlic red Chutney [Poondu milagai podi wet ] Pudhina Thayir Chutney [Mint Yogurt Chutney ] Coriander Coconut Chutney
Vallarai [ Centella ] coconut Chutney Vallarai [ Centella ] Chutney Vallarai [ Centella ] Paruppu Thuvaiyal
Nellikkai Chutney [Amla Chutney ] Nellikkai Pudhina Thuvaiyal [Amla Pudhina Chutney ] Nellikkai Thayir Pachadi [Amla Yogurt Dip ]
Poondu Thakkali Chutney [ Garlic Tomato Chutney ] Inji  Chutney [ Ginger Chutney ] Green  Chutney
Green Chilly Chutney Green Coriander seeds Chutney Maangai Chutney [ Raw mango chutney ]
Pudhina Thuvaiyal [ Mint chutney ] Maangai Chutney 1 [ Raw mango chutney 1 ] Maangai Thaengai Chutney [ Raw mango coconut chutney ]
Thakkali Chutney [ Tomato Chutney ] Thakkali Kothamalli Chutney [ Tomato Coriander leaf Chutney ] Thakkali Karuvaeppilai Chutney [ Tomato Curry leaf Chutney ]
Maangai spicy Chutney [ Raw mango spicy Chutney ] Vengaya Chutney [ Onion Coconut Chutney ] Vengaya Sigappu Chutney [ Onion Red Chutney ]
Kadalai Chutney [ Peanut chutney ] Paruppu Thuvaiyal [ Lentil chutney for rice ] Peerkangai Thakkali Chutney [ Ridge gourd tomato chutney ]
Peerkangai Thuvaiyal [ Ridge gourd chutney ] Pongal Thuvaiyal Poduthalai Thuvaiyal [ Frog fruit chutney ]
Nellikkai Peerkangkai Chutney Vengaya vadagam thuvaiyal Turai thuvaiyal
Kothamalli pudhina sauce [ cilantro mint sauce ] Vaeppampoo thuvaiyal [ Neem flower chutney ] Vilampazham peerkangkai chutney [ woodapple ridge gourd chutney ]
Parangikkai chutney [ yellow pumpkin chutney ] kadalai paruppu chutney [ gram dhal chutney ] pudhina dip [ mint dip ]
karuveppilai poondu milagai podi wet pirandai [ veldt grape ] thuvaiyal Fresh green pepper spicy chutney
Kothamalli thakkali chutney [ Coriander Tomato Chutney ]

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