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#VaragarisiNeerDosai  #KodoMilletNeerDosai : #Varagu or #Varagarisi is known as #KodoMillet in English. It belongs to #millet and grouped under #minormillet. These millet grows well in dry areas as rain fed crops. Millets are non acidic and gluten free. The fiber content is higher than rice and wheat.
The protein content in varagu is high and a rich source of iron, zinc and other minerals.
We should try to include it in our daily diet in some way.
I regularly used to prepare Pongal, Upma, Sundal or some mixed rice with Varagu. But yesterday I wanted to try a new tiffin with varagu. So I decided to make Neer dosai as the batter doesn't require fermentation. The end result was a tasty tasty Varagarisi neer dosai which was even more tastier than regular neer dosai done with rice.
Approximately 12 - 15 dosais can be prepared.

Varagarisi Neer Dosai

Ingredients :
1 cupVaragarisi [ Kodo Millet ]
1/3 cupCoconut scrapings
1 TspSalt
Gingelly Oil [ till/sesame oil ] to make dosai.

Method :
Take varagarisi [ kodo millet ] in a vessel and wash two or three times.
Add enough water and soak for 2 hours.

After 2 hours wash the grinder.
Put soaked varagarisi and coconut scrapings into the grinder.
Grind into a smooth batter adding required amount of water.
The batter should be watery.
Add salt and mix well.

Heat a tawa on a stove over a medium flame.
Grease the tawa with oil and allow to get hot.
When tawa becomes hot make dosai by pouring batter from rim of the tawa to its center.

Sprinkle oil over the dosai.
Allow it to cook until the rim becomes slightly golden color.
No need to flip the dosai to cook the top side.
Gently spread the oil using dosa ladle that we had sprinkled earlier over the top of the dosai.
Otherwise the dosai would become dry and develop cracks.
Transfer on to a serving plate.
In the same way make dosai one by one.
Arrange over a serving plate.
Serve hot with any spicy chutney of your choice or kurma.
Here served with Mushroom tomato kurma.
Varagarisi [ Kodo millet ]
Varagarisi Neer Dosai Varagarisi Neer Dosai
Varagarisi Neer Dosai Varagarisi Neer Dosai

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