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#KambuIdli  #BajraIdli : #Kambu is known as #Pearlmillet in English. It is the most widely grown millet in India. Kambu [ #Bajra ] is rich in iron, phosporous, calcium and also high in protein.
Generally broken kambu is used in the preparation of porridge and its flour is used for preparing dosai.
A few days back I prepared tasty idli using whole grain of sorghum [ cholam ] which came out very nicely. The taste was also very good.
That gave me great confidence to try idli with kambu [ bajra ] grain.
Now let me present a recipe to make idli with whole grain of pearl millet [ kambu ].

Approximately 25 - 30 idlies of normal size can be prepared.

Kambu Idli [ Bajra Idli ]

Ingredients :
1 cupIdli Rice
1 cupKambu [ Bajra ( Pearl millet ) ]
1/2 cupBlack gram [ urad dhal ]
1 TspVenthayam [ Fenugreek ]
2 TspSalt [ Adjust ]

Method :
Take Idli rice and kambu [ bajra ] in a vessel.
Take Black gram [ urad dhal ] and fenugreek in a separate vessel.
Wash thoroughly and soak for 3 to 4 hours.

After 3 hours wash the grinder.
Then add soaked black gram and fenugreek into the grinder.
Add 1/4 cup of water.
Switch ON the grinder and grind the dhal by sprinkling water frequently.
Grind it till the batter becomes fluffy and turns whitish in color.
Drop a small amount of batter into a vessel containing water.
If the batter floats over the surface then its ready to be taken out.
Turn off the grinder and transfer the batter into a big vessel.

After taking out urad dhal batter add 1/2 cup of water into the grinder.
Switch on the grinder and add soaked rice and kambu a handful at a time.
Continuously monitor the grinder and add water if necessary.
Coarsely grind them [ like rawa ] and the batter should be thick.
Finally add salt and turn off the grinder.
Transfer the ground batter into the same vessel containing urad-fenugreek batter.

Mix well with hand and keep it closed at a warm place.
Allow to ferment for 8 hour or overnight.
The vessel should have enough space above the batter to raise due to fermentation.

The next day morning or after fermentation the batter is ready to make idli.
Keep Idli maker with 3 cups of water on a stove over high flame.
Grease the pits of idli plate with oil.
Mix the batter with a long ladle and then fill each pit with idli batter.

Place the idli plate inside the idli maker only after the water starts boiling.
Close the lid and steam cook for 8 minutes.
After 8 minutes open the lid and insert a tooth pick through the idli.
If the toothpick comes out clean then the idli is ready to be scooped out.

Sprinkle water around the rims and scoop out using a flat spoon.
Wet the spoon at regular interval to scoop out the idli from the idli plate.
Again grease the idli plate and cook one more set of idlies.

Arrange idlies in a serving bowl.
Enjoy hot n soft kambu idli with spicy tomato chutney or coconut chutney or sambar.
Kambu Idli [ Bajra Idli ]
Kambu Idli [ Bajra Idli ] Kambu Idli [ Bajra Idli ]

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