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#Sorghum : Sorghum is called #Cholam in Tamil and #Jowar in Hindi.
The botanical name is Sorghum bicolor.
Sorghum is a major millet widely grown in dry areas of Asia, Africa and America as rain fed crops.
It has a high content of antioxidants, which include phenolic acids and polyphenols.
Sorghum seeds contain an anti viral peptide which inhibits infection, replication and spread of many viruses. To know more on this food grain go to the link given below.

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Here find the links to recipes of Sorghum [ cholam ].

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Cholam ( Jowar ) Dosai [ Sorghum  Dosai ] Jowar ( cholam ) Pasalai Sundal [ Sorghum Spinach Stir fry] Cholam ( Jowar ) Kuzhi Paniyaram [ Sorghum Kuzhi Paniyaram]
Cholam ( Jowar ) Idli [ Sorghum Idli] Cholam ( Jowar ) Dosai [ Sorghum Dosai] Cholam ( Jowar ) Appam [ Sorghum Appam ]
Cholam Kanji [ Sorghum Porridge ]
For other millet recipes click the link below

Millet Special

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