Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kodo Millet-Varagu-Varagarisi

#KodoMillet : Kodo millet is known as #Varagarisi or simply #Varagu in Tamil and #Kodon or #Kodri in Hindi.
The botanical name is Paspalum scrobiculatum.
Kodo Millet is a minor millet that grows well even under severe adverse conditions like infertile soil and in drought places as rain fed crop. 
This minor millet is rich in fiber thus very good for diabetic patients.
This grain is rich in proteins and antioxidants.
This millet has good amount of minerals especially iron and zinc which is far far higher than that present in common cereals like rice and wheat.
Generally millet is non acid forming and gluten free in nature.

Kodo Millet [ Varagarisi ]

Find links to recipes of kodo millet [ varagarisi ] here.

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Varagarisi Pongal [ Kodo millet Pongal ]
Varagarisi Pongal
Varagarisi Kothamalli Pongal [ Kodo millet Coriander Pongal ]
Varagarisi Kothamalli Pongal
Varagarisi Venthaya Kanji [ Kodo millet Fenugreek Porridge ]
Varagarisi Venthaya Kanji
Varagarisi Sundal [ Kodo millet Sundal ]
Varagarisi Sundal
Varagarisi Upma [ Kodo millet Upma ]
Varagarisi Upma
Varagarisi Neer Dosai [ Kodo millet Neer Dosai ]
Varagarisi Neer Dosai
Mixed Rice
Varagarisi Bisibelebath [ Kodo Millet Bisibelebath ]
Varagarisi Bisibelebath
Varagarisi Puliyodharai [ Kodo Millet Tamarind Rice ]
Varagarisi Puliyodharai
Varagarisi Pudhina Briyani [ Kodo Millet Mint Briyani ]
Varagarisi Pudhina Briyani
Varagarisi Payasam [ Kodo millet Payasam ]
Varagarisi Payasam
Varagarisi Thaegai Payasam [ Kodo millet Coconut Payasam ]
Varagarisi Thaegai Payasam
Varagarisi Thiruvaadhirai Kali
Varagarisi Thiruvaadhirai Kali

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