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#MaangaiThaengaiChutney  #MangoCoconutChutney : One more Summer special chutney with mouth watering #RawMango.
Here comes the recipe.

Maangai Thaengai Chutney

Ingredients :
1/2 cupCoconut scraping
4 - 5 piecesRaw mango [ maangai ] (adjust)
3 - 4Red chilly
1/4 cupFried grams [ pottu kadalai ]
1 cloveGarlic
1/2 TspSalt [ adjust ]
1/2 TspOil
To Temper :
1/2 TspMustard seeds
8 - 10Curry leaves
1/2 TspOil

Method :
Heat a kadai with 1/2 Tsp of oil on a stove over a slow flame.
Add red chilly and roast until smell comes out.
Turn off the stove and transfer into a mixer jar.
Put all other given ingredients also into the mixer jar.
Grind without adding water.
Then add enough water and grind coarsely or according to your taste.
Transfer into a serving bowl.

Again heat kadai with oil.
Temper mustard seeds and then add curry leaves.
Turn off the stove and transfer the tempering over the ground chutney.
Ah! aha!... tangy and spicy maangai thaengai chutney is ready.
This chutney goes well with all breakfast items such as idli, dosaiupma, and Pongal.

Maangai Thaengai Chutney
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