Wednesday, November 26, 2014


#AmaranthRoti : Many of us do not know that the seeds of commonly used green leafy vegetable, Amaranth [ thandu keerai, mulai keerai, etc.,.. ] is edible. Even I don't know!! After coming to live in Chhattisgarh I chanced upon this seed in a super market. I came to know that here local people used to take this one while fasting.
I googled and found out that amaranth is gluten free and rich in protein.
#Amaranth is known as #Rajkira in Hindi. It is called Amaranth or #amarantham or amarnath in Tamil.
Now I have started including amaranth either the seeds or its flour in some way in our daily food.
Two days back I tried to make roti using amaranth flour. The rotis came out soft and very tasty. But only problem is that while rolling the dough, the platform has to be dusted with lots of flour as it tends to break away since it is gluten free.
Now to the recipe.

Amaranth Roti

Can make 4 rotis.

Ingredients :
1 cupAmaranth flour
1/2 TspAmaranth seeds [ optional ]
1/4 TspCumin seeds
1/4 TspCarom seeds [ Omam ]
1/4 TspCumin powder
1/4 TspChilly powder
1/2 Tspsalt

Method :
Take all the given ingredients in a basin and knead into tight dough by adding enough water.

Dust the rolling board with amaranth flour and roll into circular rotis.

Heat a non stick dosai tawa or iron tawa on a stove over medium heat.
Cook well on both sides sprinkling little oil.
Amaranth Roti Amaranth Roti

Transfer into a casserole.
Serve hot with potato kuruma or any curry of your choice.

This amaranth roti can also be used as #tortilla just like the normal tortilla prepared from wheat flour.
Spread any dry curry of your choice over the amaranth roti [ #AmaranthTortilla ] and roll tightly.
Ah!! you get a tasty #burrito [ tortilla roll filled with dry curry ], a famous Mexican food.
Here I made beetroot-Drumstick leaf curry rolls [ burritos ]

Amaranth Tortilla Burrito [ Amaranth Tortilla roll ]

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