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#SamaiMethyPancake : I recently made cooked rice coriander pancake. Following the same method I prepared samai methy pancake and the outcome was a very tasty and healthy green pancake.
#SamaiArisi is a millet and it is known as #LittleMillet in English.
I have done many experiments with this millet and prepared some interesting dishes.
Here we will see one more recipe with samai. I have included methy to make it more nutritious and rich in fiber. Methy is called venthaya keerai in Tamil and fenugreek leaves in English.

Samai Methy Pancake

1 cupCooked Samai arisi [ Little Millet ]*
1/4 cupRice flour
1/4 cupAmaranth flour [ optional ]
1 TspAmaranth seeds [ optional ]
1/4 cupMint leaves
1/4 cupCoriander leaves
8 to 10Curry leaves
3 or 4Green chilly [ adjust ]
1 TspCumin seeds
4 or 5Black pepper
1 TspSalt [ adjust ]
1/2 cupMethy [Fenugreek leaves ] nicely chopped
1 TspAmaranth seeds

Oil to spread dough on a plastic sheet and to make pancakes.

*Cook samai arisi in pressure cooker just like rice. For one cup of samai add 2 to 2 1/4 cup of water.

Method :

Take washed mint, curry leaves, coriander leaves, green chilly, salt, pepper and cumin seeds in a mixer jar. Grind coarsely without adding water.

Now add samai rice and grind into a smooth paste.
Transfer into a wide mouthed vessel.
Now add rice flour, amaranth seeds and amaranth flour.
Add chopped methy [ venthaya keerai ] also.
Adjust salt.
Knead into a slightly tight dough.
chopped methy [ venthaya keerai ]
Samai Methy Pancake Dough
If the dough seems to be soggy, then add some more rice flour.
Divide equally into a big palm sized balls.

Heat a tawa on a stove over a medium flame.

Take a banana leaf or a clean & dry plastic sheet.
Apply oil over it. Spread into a pancake after greasing fingers with oil.

Transfer the pancake gently over the oiled tawa.
Sprinkle some oil over the pancake.
Cook well on both sides.
Soft and spicy pancake is ready to serve.
Samai Methy Pancake
Transfer on to a serving plate.
Repeat the process to make other pancakes also.
Relish with any chutney or with tomato sauce.

Samai Methy Pancake

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