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#LittleMillet  #SamaiArisi [ #Samai ] :
Scientific name : Panicum miliare
Samai is called Kutki in Hindi. This belongs to small seeded cereals commonly known as #milletLittle millet has been grouped under minor millet variety.These millets can be grown in places where rainfall is very poor and also not so fertile soil.
Millets are gluten free and non acid forming cereals.
Daily we have been bombarded with advertisements on TV showing how healthy the oats is for heart!!
But along with it millets have to be included as they are rich in Magnesium. Magnesium helps to lower high blood pressure and also prevents heart attacks. Apart from magnesium millets are rich in iron, copper, manganese, calcium, zinc and vitamins A & B.
Little millet is one of the millets having good amount of iron and zinc compared to rice or wheat.

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Samai Kanji [ Little millet Gruel ] Samai Arisi Pongal [ Little millet Pongal ] Samai Arisi Upma [ Little millet Upma ]
Samai venthaya keerai adai [ Little millet Methy Pancake ]

Mixed Rice
Samai Bisibelebath [ Little Millet Bisibelebath ]

Samai Arisi Paal Payasam [ Little millet Milk Payasam ] Samai Arisi Thaengai Payasam [ Little millet Coconut Payasam ] Samai Buckwheat Payasam [ Little millet buckwheat Payasam ]
Samai Arisi Sakkarai Pongal [ Little Millet Sweet Pongal ]

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