Sunday, May 24, 2015

Barnyard Millet - Kuthiraivaali

#BarnyardMillet : Barnyard millet is known as #Kuthiraivaali in Tamil and #Bhagar in Hindi.
The botanical name is Echinochloa frumentacea.

Kuthiraivaali [ Barnyard millet ]

A fairly sinificant amount of grain protein is present in minor millets compared to rice. Especially the amount of protein present in kuthiraivaali is the highest among the minor millets.
The essential amino acids such as lysine and trptophane are present in millets. Barnyard millet has higher amount of lysine than Little and Finger millet and more or less comparable amount like that of Foxtail millet and kodo millet.
Iron is the most essential mineral to combat malnutrition of human being. Barnyard millet shows highest amount of iron followed by Finger millet, Little and kodo millet.
Generally millets are non acidic food and non glutenous also.
So this wonder millet should regularly find a place in our daily menu.

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Kuthiraivaali Idli [ Barnyard millet Idli ] Kuthiraivaali Sundal [ Barnyard millet Sundal ] Kuthiraivaali Upma [ Barnyard millet Upma ]
Kuthiraivaali Venthaya Kanji [ Barnyard millet Fenugreek Gruel ] Kuthiraivaali Pongal [ Barnyard millet Pongal ] Kuthiraivaali Upma Kozhukattai

Mixed Rice
Kuthiraivaali Coriander Rice [ Barnyard Millet Coriander rice ] Kuthiraivaali Puliyodharai [ Barnyard Millet Tamarind rice ]

Kuthiraivaali Paal Payasam [ Barnyard millet Milk Payasam ] Kuthiraivaali sakkarai Pongal [ Barnyard millet sweet pongal ]
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