Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lentil - Side dish

#Lentil : #Koottu in Thamizh. 
Find links to recipes of #SideDish prepared with #Lentils like #greengram, #gramdhal, #thuvardhal etc.,.. which goes well with rice, #Dosai, #Poori, #Chappathi.

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Dhal - Koottu - Lentil
Kothamalli Koottu [ Pulillacurry ]
kothamalli kootu - pulilla curry
Vegetable Kothamalli Koottu [ Pulillacurry ]
veg kothamalli koottu
Murungaikai Palakottai Kothamalli Koottu [ Pulillacurry ]
murungaikai kothamalli koottu
Muttaikos Koottu [ Cabbage Lentil ]
muttaikos koottu - cabbage lentil
Murungaikai Katharikkai Koottu [ Drumstick Brinjal Lentil ]
murungaikai katharikkai koottu
Thakkali Koottu [ Tomato Lentil ]
Thakkali Koottu [ Tomato Lentil ]
Red Amaranth Leaves Masiyal
sigappu keerai paruppu masiyal
Sirukeerai Dhal [ Amaranthus tricolor Lentil ]
siru keerai dhal
Spinachi Dhal [ Spinach Lentil ]
kodi pasalai [ spinach ] dhal
Sambar Pasalai Dhal [ Spinach Lentil ]
sambar pasalai dhal
Vazhaipoo Koottu [ Banana Flower Lentil ]
vazhaipoo koottu
Venthayakeerai koottu [ Fenugreek leaves Lentil ]
venthayakeerai koottu
Parangipinju koottu [ Yellow Pumpkin Lentil ]
parangi pinju koottu
Venthayakeerai Thakkali koottu [ Fenugreek Leaf Tomato Lentil ]
venthayakeerai thakkali koottu
Thakkali Kai koottu [ Unripe Tomato Lentil ]
thakkali kai koottu
Nool Khol leaf lentil
knol khol keerai dhal
Suraikkai koottu [ Bottle gourd Lentil ]
suraikai [ bottle gourd ] koottu
Sigappu keerai koottu [ Red greens Lentil ]
red keerai koottu
venthayakeerai paruppu
venthayakeerai paruppu
venthaya keerai dhal
venthaya keerai dhal
venthaya koottu
venthaya keerai koottu
Palak Lentil
Palak Lentil
Palak koottu
Palak koottu
Chow chow koottu
Chow chow koottu
Vazhaipoo kothamalli lentil
Vazhaipoo kothamalli koottu
Pudalangai koottu
Snake gourd koottu
Coriander Lentil
Coriander Lentil

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