Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Idiyappam - Sweet-Idiyappam-with-sugar

#SweetIdiyappamWithSugar : If steam cooked plain idiyappam is ready then it is very easy to prepare a variety of mixed idiyappam. Generally lemon idiyappam, pulikachal idiyappam are made along with sweet idiyappam with either sugar or jaggery.
My daughter during her school days used to take lemon idiyappam or pulikachal idiyappam and sweet idiyappam in a double decker tiffin box. We have to be very careful while packing sweet idiyappam in the tiffin box for lunch as it might become soggy as time passes.
Now we will see the method of preparing sweet idiyappam and
Also the procedure to pack in a lunch box.

sweet idiyappam with sugar

Ingredients :
1 cupPlain Idiyappam
1/4 cupFresh coconut scrapings
1/2 TspCardamom powder
2 or 3 TbspSugar [ adjust ]
a pinchsalt
a dropGhee [ optional ]

Method :
Prepare Idiyappam following the method given in my previous post.
Keep all the given ingredients ready.
Just 10 minutes before serving, take idiyappam in a wide mouthed vessel or a plate.
Add coconut scrapings, ghee and cardamom powder.
Mix well gently by hand without giving too much pressure.
Finally add sugar and mix well.
Relish immediately. Otherwise it might become soggy as time passes.
sweet idiyappam with sugar
For lunch box :
Mix idiyappam, coconut scrapings, ghee and cardamom powder.
Pack the mix in a lunch box.
Pack sugar in a separate box or in a cover.
Just before lunch add sugar to the idiyappam and mix well.

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