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#SamaiCoconutPayasam : #Samai or #SamaiArisi is known as #LittleMillet in English. Here we will see the preparation of a #payasam using this millet with coconut and jaggery.

Samai Coconut Payasam [ Little Millet Coconut Payasam ]

Ingredients :
1/8 cup                                      Samai arisi ( Little Millet )
1 pinch                                      Salt
1/4 cup ( adjust )                       Jaggery

To grind :
1/4 Cup                                   Coconut scrap
1/2 Tsp                                    Khus khus
2                                              Cardamom
1 small piece                            Nutmeg
3                                               Cashew nuts

To garnish :
3                                             Cashew nuts roasted
6                                             Kismis ( Prunes ) roasted

Method :
Grind the given ingredients into a fine paste and keep aside.

Take samai arisi in a small vessel. Wash 2 times and add 1/2 cup of water.
Take a cup of water in a pressure cooker. Keep the vessel containing washed samai arisi in the cooker.
Close and put weight on. Cook on high flame for 3 whistles.
Then keep the burner at SIM and cook for 3 minutes.
Keep aside.
Meantime dissolve jaggery in hot water and filter to remove impurities.
Keep aside.
Take cooked samai arisi in a big vessel and mash with a ladle.

Now add the prepared coconut paste into the vessel containing mashed samai.
Then add jaggery mixed water and bring to boil.

Allow to simmer for 7 to 10 minutes or until all blend together and come to required consistency.
Switch off and transfer into small bowls.

Samai Coconut Payasam [ Little Millet Coconut Payasam ]

Garnish with cashew nuts and kismis.
Enjoy hot payasam with vadai or bajji!!..

  • taste depends on the type of jaggery used.
  • the payasam tastes even better if the coconut paste is made only with nutmeg, coconut and khus khus.
  • to make it rich simply add a tsp of thick coconut milk at the end and simmer for a minute.
  • fry thin coconut slices in ghee and garnish which  enhances the taste of payasam.
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