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#AmaranthRagiChikki #AmaranthRagiMittai : So far we have seen recipes done with #amaranthseeds . But here #puffedamaranthseeds and #ragiflakes have been used in the preparation of  #chikki [ #mittai ].
Lets see the preparation.

Amaranth Ragi Chikki

Ingredients :
1 cupPuffed Amaranth
1/4 cupRagi Flakes
3/4 cupJaggery
1/4 TspCardamom powder [ optional ]

Method :
Smash jaggery with a stone to break it into small pieces.
Put in a vessel and add 1/3 cup of water.
Heat on a stove over medium flame.
Stir well to dissolve the jaggery in water.
Turn off the stove once it dissolves completely.
Strain through a filter to remove impurities.
Take the strained jaggery mixed water in another vessel and heat over medium flame.
After some time a nice aroma of jaggery comes out.

Pour few drops of boiling jaggery syrup into a bowl containing water.
If it forms a ball inside the water and does not dissipate in water then its the right consistency.
The ball thus formed makes tang sound if it hits at the sides of the bowl.
right consistency

Add puffed amaranth, ragi flakes and cardamom powder into the jaggery syrup.

Amaranth Mittai [ Puffed Amaranth Chikki ]

Mix well and immediately transfer onto a plate dusted with rice flour.
Spread evenly and then slice it using a knife.

Amaranth Ragi Chikki

Or make balls after dusting hands with rice flour.

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