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#KarthigaiAvalPori : Karthigai festival is being celebrated every year on Full moon day in the Tamil month of Karthigai. It is customary to make karthigai pori on this day. It is a sweet prepared from puffed rice flakes [ #avalpori ], roasted coconut, fried gram, peanuts with jaggery.
Let me present the way of preparing karthigai aval pori.

Karthigai Aval Pori

Ingredients :
4 cupPuffed Rice flakes [ aval pori ]
1 coconut, chop nicely
1/2 cupFried gram [ Pottu kadalai ]
1/2 cupPea nut
1/4 cupTill [ sesame ]
4 cupJaggery
1/4 TspCardamom powder

Method :
Measure puffed rice flakes [ aval pori ] and keep aside.

Heat a kadai on a stove over slow flame.
Roast coconut until it turns golden color.
Transfer into a bowl.

In the same kadai roast pea nuts till aroma comes out and able to remove the skin.
Transfer into another bowl.
Remove the skin and break into halves.

Now roast fried gram until it turns slightly golden.
Transfer into a bowl / plate.

Finally roast till [ sesame ] until it crackles.
Then transfer into the bowl containing roasted fried gram.

Heat jaggery powder with 1 cup of water in a vessel.
Dissolve jaggery by stirring with a ladle.
Strain through a filter into a wide and heavy bottomed vessel.

Now keep the vessel containing jaggery mixed water on stove over medium flame.
Allow to boil and stir occasionally.

Keep a small bowl with water near the stove.
After some time pour a few drops of jaggery syrup into the water.
If it disperses then the syrup is not ready.
Heat for some more time.
Pour few drops of boiling jaggery syrup into a bowl containing water.
If it forms a ball inside the water and does not dissipate in water then its the right consistency.
The ball thus formed makes tang sound if it hits at the sides of the bowl.

Reduce the flame completely and add peanuts, fried gram and till [ sesame ] and keep stirring.
Then add aval pori and mix well.
Finally add roasted coconut and cardamom powder.

Turn off the stove once every thing has been mixed together.
Transfer into a container with lid.
It can be stored in that way for a month also at room temperature.

Karthigai Aval Pori

Tasty and crunchy karthigai aval pori is ready.

Karthigai Aval Pori

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Amaranth Ragi Chikki

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