Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chappathy/Roti Varieties

#Chappathy [ #Roti ] : Generally chappathy dough is prepared from whole wheat flour. To increase its nutritional value other flours like soya flour, buckwheat flour, amaranth flour etc., are added. The chappathy can also be made more nutritious by adding green leafy vegetables.

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Paapparai Pasalai Roti [ Buckwheat Spinach Roti ]
Buckwheat Spinach Roti
Sigappu Mulaikeerai chappathy [ Red greens chappathy ]
Red greens chappathy
Palak keerai chappathy [ Palak chappathy ]
Palak chappathy
Venthaya keerai [ Fenugreek leaf ] Chappathy
 Fenugreek leaf  Chappathy

Click the link given below to get the recipes for curry, lentil [ dhal ] and other side dishes that goes well with chappathy.

Curry/Side dish

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