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#Rasam is one of the main courses of Tamilian lunch. #Rasam is a watery concentrate of important spices boiled in lentil water with tomato and tamarind juice is added finally to get the desired taste.
Then curry leaves and coriander leaves are added to garnish and also to infuse nice aroma. The spices used in the preparation of rasam are pepper, cumin, coriander and chilly. Cumin and coriander seeds helps in digestion of food. Pepper prevents us from catching cough, cold and fever. Pepper also cools our body temperature.
Rasam has to be added liberally over the rice and mixed well. The rasam rice is relished with any curry of your choice.
You might be thinking it is one of the easiest recipes after seeing the ingredients and the method of preparation. But preparing a tasty spicy aromatic rasam requires lots of practice. All the tastes, sour, spicy, salty, has to be added in right quantity at the right time and  also the way of boiling the rasam needs great care. If you have learned the art of making proper tasty rasam then you are eligible to be crowned as Tamilian kitchen queen.

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madras rasam powder

rasam kokum rasam kollu rasam
rasam lemon rasam Madras rasam
Orange rasam pulichchaaru tomato rasam
vilampazham ( woodapple ) rasam

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