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#Salad - #Pachadi - #Raitha : Chopped Green fresh vegetables and green leafy vegetables are mixed together with seasonings to make a salad. #Salad is known as #Pachadi in Tamil.
Pachadi is prepared with or without curd.

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Katharikkai Kaalan Thayir Pachadi [ Brinjal Mushroom Raitha ]
Brinjal mushroom thayir pachadi
Nellikkai Thayir Pachadi [ Gooseberry ( amla ) Yogurt Dip ]
Nellikkai thayir pachadi
Thayir Pachadi [ Raitha ]
Thayir pachadi
Vazhai thandu thayir pachadi [ Banana stem raitha ]
Vazhai thandu thayir pachadi
Kosambari [ Lentil Salad ]
Kosambari [ lentil salad ]
Carrot and green gram sprouts Salad
Carrot lentil salad
Carrot Salad
Carrot salad
Papaya Carrot Salad
pappaya carrot  salad
Papaya Radish Salad
Pappaya radish salad
katharikkai thayir pachadi
Katharikkai thayir pachadi
Maangai Pachadi [ Raw Mango Pachadi ]
Maangai pachadi
Fruit Salad
Fruit salad
Papaya pineapple Salad
Papaya pineapple salad
Venthaya pachadi
Venthaya Pachadi

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