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7 Cup Burfi

#7CupBurfi  #7CupSweet : I used to prepare Mysore pak and coconut burfi. But never tried 5 cup sweet or 7 cup sweet. My daughter and my mother used to prepare regularly and they say it is one of the fool proof methods to make an yummy sweet. So I prepared this sweet for diwali. I followed my moms recipe and included flax seeds in the end to get its nutritional benefits.

I took 1/2 cup of all the ingredients and got 15 big pieces of  burfi.
Now over to the recipe

7 cup Burfi

Ingredients :
1/2 CupBesan [ gram floor ( kadalai maavu ) ]
1/2 CupCoconut scraping
1/2 CupGhee
1/2 CupMilk
1 1/2 CupSugar
1/2 TspCardamom powder
1 TspFlax seeds
1 TspSugar to sprinkle

Method :
Dry roast flax seeds in a kadai over a medium flame till it crackles.
Transfer into a bowl and set aside.

Grease a clean and dry plate with ghee and set aside.

Keep a heavy bottomed vessel on a stove and heat over medium to low flame.
Add besan [ gram flour ] and add 1 Tsp of ghee and keep stirring till it gives out nice smell.
Take care not to change its color.
Once the flour is roasted add coconut scraping and stir well for a minute.
Then add milk slowly continuously stirring with the ladle to avoid lumps forming.
Keep stirring and then add ghee.
Keep on stirring and at one stage it starts becoming thick and bubbles appearing.
At this stage add cardamom powder and then roasted flax seeds.
When it starts coming up as a whole mass with bubbles, immediately transfer into the greased plate.
Tap the plate to even out the hot sweet.
Immediately sprinkle sugar over the sweet.

Allow to cool down for five minutes and then make pieces using a clean & dry knife.

7 cup Burfi

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