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#Appam : Appam belongs to #dosai family but the method of preparation is slightly different. Generally appam is made over a small kadai called appa chatty and it can also be prepared over a tawa. Some appams are steam cooked just like idli.
Kerala style appam batter is prepared from soaked raw rice and coconut scrapings.
The batter of appam my style contains fenugreek apart from rice. So it is more healthier than kerala style appam.
Appam has to be relished with coconut milk. Spicy Poondu milagai chutney is also a very good accompaniment to it.

Links to the recipes of Appam are listed here. 
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Appam Varieties
Appam Maavu Mystyle [ Appam Batter Mystyle ]
Appam Maavu Mystyle
Appam Mystyle
Appam Mystyle
Appam Kerala Style 1
Appam Kerala Style 1
Appam Kerala Style 2
Appam Kerala Style 2
Kallappam [ Steamed Rice cake ]
Kallappam stir fry
Kallappam stir fry
Spicy Masala Kallappam
Spicy Masala Kallappam
Cholam Appam [ Sorghum Appam ]
Cholam Appam
Thinai [ Foxtail millet ] Appam Kerala style
Thinai Appam Kerala style

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