Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Spicy Masala Kallappam

Spicy #MasalaKallappam : The other day I prepared #Kallappam - Steamed Rice Cake and some leftover batter was in the fridge. I do not like to repeat the same breakfast for the day.
Suddenly an idea struck me. When we were living in Bangalore we used to buy a masala bun from VVV bakery. It used to be very spicy and flavorful. This kallappam tastes like a bread and why can't some spicy masala be added to the batter and get a spicy masala kallappam just like that masala bun.
Immediately got into action and prepared masala with onion, carrot, coriander, mint, green chilly & other condiments. It turned out very good and tasty too. No need to prepare any accompaniment as it is spicy and can be relished with tomato sauce.
Here comes the recipe.

Spicy Masala Kallappam

Ingredients :
1 1/2 cups                              Kallappam Batter

For Masala :
1                                            Onion, chop nicely
1/4 cup                                   Carrot grated
1/4 cup                                    Capsicum chopped nicely
1/4 cup                                   Coriander chopped nicely
2 pinches                                Turmeric powder
1/2 Tsp                                   Salt

To grind  Coriander paste :
1/4 cup                                  Coriander
10 - 15                                  Mint leaves [ pudhina ]
3 - 4                                      Green chilly
1/2 inch                                 Ginger piece
2 cloves                                Garlic
1/4 Tsp                                 Cumin [ jeera ]

To Temper :
1/2 Tsp                                  Cumin
2 Tsp                                     Oil

Method :
Coarsely grind all the given ingredients without water and keep aside.

Keep a kadai on a stove with oil over a medium flame.
Splutter cumin and then add onion and coriander leaves.
Saute for 2 minutes and then add turmeric powder.

Now add the coriander masala paste and stir well.
Then add carrot, capsicum and salt.
Saute until all blend together.

Turn off the stove and add into the batter.
Mix well with a ladle.

Heat an idly maker on a stove over a high flame.
Grease a shallow bowl with oil and half fill with batter.

Spicy Masala Kallappam batter

Steam cook for 12 - 15 minutes.

Check by sliding a knife into the steaming cake from the top.

Spicy Masala Kallappam

If knife comes out with batter sticking to it, steam cook for another 2 - 3 minutes.

Masala Kallappam

Then transfer onto a serving plate.

Masala Kallappam

Cut into small pieces and serve with tomato sauce.

Note :
 It can also be steam cooked using an idly plate.

Enjoy with tomato sauce

Masala Kallappam

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