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Modhakam - Dumpling

#Modhakam - #Kozhukattai - #Dumpling : Today you all must be celebrating Vinayagar Chathurthi in a grand manner. Wishing you all a very happy vinayakar chathurthi!! May Lord Ganesha bless you with health, wealth and prosperity!!!
It is customary to make Modhakam, a favorite of Lord Ganesha on this auspicious day. I also made Modhakam [ Kozhukattai ] as an offering to Lord Ganesha.

Modhakam [ Dumpling ]

Modhakam is a dumpling just like momos but the outer covering is done with rice flour.
The stuffing can be either sweet or savoury.
Now let me present the method of preparing dough for Modhak and the way to stuff pooranam inside it.

Ingredients :
1/2 cup                              Rice Flour
1/4 Tsp                              Salt
1 cup                                 Water
1 Tsp                                 Ghee
1 Tsp                                 Gingelly Oil

Required amount of Pooranam to stuff.
Oil to grease hands while making kozhukattais.

Method :
Take rice flour, ghee and oil in a wide mouthed vessel.
Rub with fingers to mix oil and ghee to the flour.

Heat a vessel with water until air bubbles appear at the bottom of the vessel but before reaching boiling point.
Add approximately 1/4 cup hot water and mix well using a spoon.
Add hot water little by little and make a tight dough.
Wait until it cools down a bit and will be able to handle with hands.
Knead well to make the dough smooth and roll small small balls.
 Grease both the hands. Keep a ball on your left palm.
Flatten it with the help of right hand to make it like a thin circular pancake.
Keep a ball of sweet pooranam at the center.

Fold the ends to cover the pooranam at the top like a money bag.
Remove any extra dough from the top.
Shape the top into a sharp pointed edge.

Modhakam [ Dumpling ]

Arrange on a greased steamer plate of an idly maker.
In same way make kozhukattais [ modhakams ] and fill the plate.

Heat an idly maker with water on a stove over HIGH flame.
When water starts boiling keep the steamer plate with kozhukattais [ modhakams ] inside and steam cook for 3 minutes.
If it is steamed more than the required time then the pooranam starts melting down.

Modhakam [ Dumpling ]

Take out the plate and transfer steamed modhakams into a serving bowl / plate.

Hot and sweet modhakams are ready. Relish after offering them to Lord Ganesha!!

Modhakam [ Dumpling ]

In the same way spicy modhakam can be prepared by stuffing spicy black gram stuffing inside the dough covering.

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