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#Puttu : This is a sweet dish prepared using rice flour, coconut scraping and jaggery. Rice flour is steamed and then mixed with coconut jaggery mix. This is different from Kerala style puttu. There are many versions of puttu and also the method of preparation varies from people to people and region to region. Here I am going to present a recipe for puttu which I learned from who else, my mother only.
Here comes the recipe.

Puttu [ Sweet puttu ]

Ingredients :
2 cups                                Rice flour
1 cup                                 Jaggery
1 1/2 cup                           Coconut scraping
1 Tsp                                 Cardamom powder
1/2 Tsp                              Salt
2 Tsp                                 Ghee
3 Tsp                                 Gingelly oil [ till oil ]

Method :
Heat a heavy bottomed kadai on a stove over a slow flame.
Add rice flour and keep stirring until it gets hot and could feel the heat when you touch it.
Do not over roast the flour.
Turn off the stove.

Transfer the above dry roasted rice flour into a basin or wide mouthed vessel.

Add salt with 1/8 cup of water.
Sprinkle this water over the flour and rub with fingers.
The flour and the salt water are rubbed with fingers so that the resultant texture looks like breadcrumbs.
If needed sprinkle some more plain water and mix well.
The flour should be wet and if you try to make a ball its not possible to make and would break away.

Keep Idly maker with water on a stove over HIGH flame.
Place steamer plate/ idly plate inside it.
Transfer the wet rice flour on to a clean cloth and make a bundle.
Keep this bundle over the steamer/idly plate.
Close the lid and steam it for 10 to 12 minutes.

Now take jaggery in a vessel and add 1/3 cup of water.
Heat over a medium flame and stir until jaggery dissolves completely.
Take away from the stove and strain through a filter to remove sand, stones and any other impurity.

Now again take jaggery dissolved water in a heavy bottomed vessel.
Heat over a medium flame.
Add coconut scrap and keep stirring with a ladle until water evaporates.

After sometime the mixture thickens and coconut and jaggery blend together.
Turn off the stove when the mixture becomes viscous and sticky between fingers.

Now take out the steamed rice flour from idly maker and transfer into a basin / wide mouthed vessel.
Add 2 Tbsp of prepared coconut jaggery mixture.
Mix well using a ladle after adding ghee and gingelly oil.

If necessary add some more mixture to get desired sweetness.
Add cardamom powder and mix well.

Store in a clean and dry container.
Cool it down to room temperature before closing the container with lid.
It can be stored in room temperature for two days.

Ah! Aha!.. mm... yummy puttu ready!


Simply enjoy as it is or with any other snack like vadai, bajji or pakoda.

Note :
The remaining coconut jaggery mix can be stored in a clean and dry container.
It can be used next time or can be enjoyed as it is!

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