Monday, August 25, 2014

Foxtail Millet Till Ball

#FoxtailmilletTillBall - Thinai Ellu Urundai :
We have already seen the method of preparation of sweet urundais [ balls ] with #thinai flour with some other ingredients. Here let us see the method of preparing sweet balls with thinai grains.

Thinai Ellu Urundai [ Foxtail Millet Till Balls ]

Ingredients :

Foxtail Millet [ Thinai }

1/2 Cup                                         : Thinai [ Foxtail millet ]
1/2 Cup                                         : Fried gram ( pottukadalai )
1/2 Cup                                         : Sesame ( till )
1/2 Cup ( adjust )                           : Jaggery
2                                                    : Cardamom
4                                                    : Clove
a small piece                                   : Nutmeg
3 Tsp                                             : Honey
7                                                    : Cashew nuts
4                                                    : Almonds

Method :
Keep a heavy bottomed vessel on slow fire.
Dry roast thinai until it gives out a nice aroma.

Then dry roast fried gram, sesame, cashew nuts and almonds one by one separately and keep aside.

Grind roasted thinai, fried gram, sesame, cardamom and cloves into nice powder one by one separately.

After grinding transfer into a big wide mouthed vessel.
Dry roast each ingredient separately Grind each ingredient separately

Coarsely grind cashews and almonds. Transfer that also into the vessel.

Mix all the powders with a spoon or by hand.
Grind into a nice powder Mix all powders

Now pound jaggery well with a stone and add to the powder.
Rub with hand and mix well with the ground powders.
Then add honey and again mix well.
Add Jaggery to the mixture Add Honey to the mixture

Now make balls with hand.

If the balls keep breaking down, add little more honey and make proper balls.

Arrange in a clean and dry container.
It can be stored at room temperature for 3 to 4 days.
Making Foxtail Millet Balls Foxtail Millet [ Thinai ] Till Balls

The balls are so tasty and I doubt that these sweet balls would last for 3 to 4 days.
The distinct taste of thinai [ foxtail millet ] and nice aroma of sesame give a super taste to these balls.
Enjoy as a evening snack along with any hot & spicy savoury!!

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