Friday, November 25, 2011

Making Rice for Mixed Rice

To prepared mixed rice like lemon rice, puliyodharai, tomato rice, etc., the rice has to be cooked carefully.
Cooked rice shouldn't be sticky. 

Rice                                : 1 cup
Water                              : 2 ( for raw rice )
                                       :2 1/2 cup( for boiled rice & depends                                                      on rice variety)
                                       : 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 cups for basmati rice
Gingelly oil ( till / sesame ) : 4 tsp
Take rice in a cooker container(separator), wash and add required amount of water.
Take a cup of water in a cooker.
Put the bottom plate.
Now place the rice container and close the lid after checking the valve.
Keep on High flame with weight ON.
Let the cooker be on fire for 1 whistle & 5 minutes at SIM and switch OFF.
or 3 whistles and switch off.
When the steam completely goes off (approximately 15 minutes after switching OFF) open the lid.
With the help of a tong or cloth hold the container.
Turn the container upside down into a wide mouthed vessel like basin.
Pour 3 to 4 Tsp of gingelly oil.

Slightly mix with a spoon without mashing the rice.
Keep under fan to cool the rice.
Keep stirring with spoon once in 5 minutes.
Now rice will not be sticky and seperate.


  1. amma
    add recipie for rice sundal , i think i have the ingredients for that.... and can rice upma be made with whole rice..

  2. dhivya
    I'll add sundal's recipe. Yes you can make rice upma with whole rice. I'll add that also soon.