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Thaengai Pooranam - Coconut Sweet Stuffing

#ThaengaiPooranam  #Coconutstuffing : This sweet stuffing is commonly prepared to stuff inside the 'modhakam'. Dumpling is called Modhakam in Tamil. This pooranam can also be used as stuffing in the preparation of Boli. Modhakam is somewhat similar to the famous street food, momos. The outer covering of momos is done with maida whereas it is done with rice flour in modhakam.
The stuffing may be either sweet or savory.
Here let me present the method of preparing coconut sweet stuffing.

Thaengai Pooranam [ Coconut sweet stuffing ]

Ingredients :
1/2 cup                           Coconut scrap
1 Tbsp                            Gram dhal ( Channa dhal 3/4 th done)
1/2 cup                            Jaggery [ adjust ]
1/4 Tsp                            Cardamom and nutmeg powder
1 pinch                             Salt

Method :
The quality of jaggery is very good and devoid of any stones or impurities.
So I used as it is. Otherwise dissolve jaggery in very little amount of water and strain through a filter.
Heat a heavy bottomed vessel or a non stick vessel on a stove over a medium flame.
Add smashed jaggery [ or jaggery dissolved water ] and coconut.

Mix well. The water content present in coconut scrap starts melting jaggery.

When it starts boiling add gram dhal.

Stir well with a long ladle.
Reduce the fire to SIM position.
Keep stirring at regular intervals.

Thaengai Pooranam [ Coconut sweet stuffing ]

The time taken to cook varies with the quantity.
When everything blend together and leaves out the surface of the vessel switch of the stove.
Add cardamom powder and mix well.

Thaengai Pooranam [ Coconut sweet stuffing ]

Store in a container with lid and close it after it has cooled down to room temperature.
It can be stored in fridge for 3 to 4 days.

Thaengai Pooranam [ Coconut sweet stuffing ]

Now thaengai pooranam is ready. Boli, Suzhian and Modhakam can be prepared using this Thaengai Pooranam.

Note :
Roasted peanuts can be added instead of 3/4 th cooked gram dhal.

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