Saturday, January 4, 2014


#Pakoda : It has been a long time since I prepared pakodaa because of high onion price. Now the onion price has cooled down. So I made pakodaa the other day to have with buckwheat sakkarai pongal. Now lets see how I made Pakodaa.


Ingredients :

3/4 cup                         Besan ( Gram flour )
1/4 cup                         Rice Flour
1                                  Onion - slice lengthwise
1                                  Capsicum - make thin slices ( optional )
1/2 cup                        Coriander leaves nicely chopped
1                                 Green chilly nicely chopped
10                               Curry leaves nicely chopped
1/2 Tsp                        Red chilly powder
1/4 Tsp                        Cumin Powder
3/4 Tsp                        Salt
1 Tsp                           hot oil

1 cup Oil to fry pakodas

Method :
Keep a kadai with oil on slow flame and heat.
Now take chopped onion, capsicum, curry & coriander leaves and green chilly in a basin.
Add chilly powder, cumin powder and salt.
Mix well with hand and then add the flour and a Tsp of hot oil.
Knead with hands and if necessary sprinkle some water to get a tight dough.

Pakoda dough

Test with a small amount of prepared dough to check whether the oil is hot or not.
Then fry small small pieces (  in any shape ) of pakoda.


Fry until it turns golden brown color.
Take out from oil and place over a tissue paper to drain out excess oil.


Enjoy with hot coffee or tea

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