Thursday, January 23, 2014

Boli - Sugar

#BoliSugar : This is not a traditional one. Sometimes the stuffing for boli might have been got over and still some more boli maavu was left over. Then sugar is placed inside boli maavu to make boli. Over the time my daughter started liking this boli very much. But making this one is very tricky because when the sugar comes in contact with tawa, it caramelizes and spoils the taste of boli. So one or two can be done at the end whenever boli is prepared.

Boli stuffed with sugar

Ingredients :
Boli maavu
Oil to make boli.

Method :
Take a small round of boli maavu and spread on the sheet.
Now keep 2 Tsp of sugar at the center of maavu. Gently close and cover the sugar completely.
Spread on the sheet giving pressure with finger.
Do not make very thin.

Transfer onto hot tawa and cook. Flip it to cook the other side. Do not wait until both the sides become golden color.
Then there is a chance of sugar inside getting over heated and melts which may start oozing out.
When the outer coating is cooked then remove from tawa.
Boli stuffed with sugar Boli stuffed with sugar

Enjoy hot sugar boli. The sugar inside would have turned into syrup. If you break it the sugar syrup comes out. That tastes too good !!!

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