Saturday, January 4, 2014

Buckwheat Soup

#BuckwheatSoup : When I was researching online about #buckwheat, I read that it is mostly used in salads and also consumed as porridge by peasants. Soup is also a form of gruel or porridge. More over buckwheat becomes gooey when mixed in water and so I decided to prepare mushroom soup with buckwheat. Here it is.

Buckwheat Soup

Ingredients :
2 Tbsp                           Cooked Buckwheat
1 Tsp                             Carrot nicely chopped
1Tsp                              Cabbage thinly chopped
2                                    Mushrooms chop nicely
2 cloves                         Garlic smashed
A small piece                 Ginger smashed
1 Tsp                             Madras Rasam Powder
1/2 Tsp                          Salt

For Seasoning :
1/2 Tsp ( adjust )           Lemon juice
Garlic chivs, coriander leaves and pepper powder.

Method :
Take 1 cup of water in a vessel.
I made over an induction stove. Heat on 800 temperature setting.

When bubbles are formed at the bottom and along the sides of the vessel add all the given ingredients except mushroom and salt.
Keep stirring at regular interval.
Reduce temperature setting to 120 when it starts boiling.
When cabbage is 3/4 th cooked add mushroom pieces.

Buckwheat Soup

Now it would have attained porridge consistency. Add salt and mix well.
Switch off the stove.
Now add lemon juice and mix well.

Serve in a bowl, seasoning it with chivs, coriander leaves and pepper powder.

Buckwheat Soup

mmm... ah! a very nice soup for a cold evening!

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