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Boli Maavu

#Boli is a sweet paratta/sweet stuffed roti/sweet bread done in Tamil Nadu. It has sweet stuffing called kadalai paruppu ( gram dhal ) pooranam inside a maida outer covering. 

Boli [ pooran poli ]

Here we will see how to prepare the maavu ( dough ) for boli.

Boli Dough

Ingredients :
Maida                                                    : 1 cup
Salt                                                        : 1/4 tsp
Gingelly oil ( till oil )                            : 5 to 6 tsp
Water                                                     : 1/4 cup
Yellow color or Turmeric powder        : a pinch ( optional )

Method :

Take maida in a wide mouthed vessel like basin.
Add salt and mix well.
Add water and make a loose dough.
Knead the dough well by adding a tsp spoon of gingelly oil  at a time.
The oil gets absorbed by the dough.
Then add one more spoon of oil.
Keep on kneading till the dough attains elasticity and if it is pulled up the dough will not break away.
Coat the surface of the dough with a Tsp of oil.
Keep it covered with a lid for 5 to 6 hours.
After 6 hours the dough will become even more softer and can easily be spread on a banana leaf / plastic sheet after stuffing the pooranam inside.
Boli Dough Boli Maavu [ Boli Dough ]

  • The dough prepared with given ingredients is enough to make 8 to 10 bolies.
  • The excess dough can be stored in fridge after liberally coating it with oil for one more day.

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