Tuesday, March 19, 2013


#Boli [ #Poli ] : Boli is commonly prepared during festivals or on special occasions.It is a sweet or savory stuffed pancake. Traditionally the the dough which covers the stuffing is prepared from maida. The dough has to be prepared well in advance to prepare boli.
Once boli maavu has been made then making boli is very easy.

Now let us see the way of preparing boli.

Carrot boli Potato boli

Ingredients :
boli maavu
stuffing can be kadalai paruppu pooranam, carrot halwa or spicy potato stuffing.
oil for making boli on a plantain leaf or a plastic sheet.
oil or ghee for cooking boli

Method :
Take a plastic sheet or a small piece of plantain leaf.
Apply oil liberally  on the sheet.
Take a ball of boli dough and spread on the sheet with your hands to make a small round.
Keep a ball stuffing at the centre and close it with dough.

Now oil your hand and spread evenly on the sheet.

Heat a tawa on a stove over medium flame.
When its hot add oil on the tawa.
Transfer the boli onto the tawa.
Add oil/ghee over and around the boli. Cook well till both the sides turn golden color.
Transfer on to a plate.
Continue doing the same way to prepare boli one by one.
Carrot Boli kadalai paruppu pooran poli
Soya pooran poli Stuffing inside boli

Serve hot or cold. No need of any side dish.

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