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#Idiyappam is traditionally prepared from rice. It is also known by name #RiceSevai. We can call it #RiceNoodles in modern term.
We don't have to take rice to flour mill to grind the rice into flour. Nowadays rice flour is readily available in local shops and also in super markets.  Idiyappam is very easy to prepare at home and  the taste depends on the type of rice flour used and the way we prepare the dough. It only requires little care to prepare the dough for Idiyappam and takes very less time to steam cook them [ of course less than the time taken to steam cook idli ]. The steam cooked #ricenoodles [ Idiyappam ] can be stored in a bowl and can be relished with kadalai curry, kurma, or preparing lemon idiyappam, puli Idiyappam, etc.,...
To make mixed idiyappam, the plain idiyappam has to be cooled down to room temperature just the same way we do for mixed rice.
Here I have taken the rice flour available in departmental store.

We need murukku making press to prepare idiyappam.

Idiyappam [ Rice Noodles ]

Ingredients :

Rice flour                               : 1 cup
Salt                                        : 1/4 tsp
Water                                     : 2 cups

Method :
Keep a thick bottomed kadai on slow flame and dry roast the rice flour till the flour becomes slightly hot. Turn off the stove.
On another burner heat the idly maker/kadai with water over medium flame .

Transfer the roasted flour into a wide mouthed vessel like basin.
Add salt and mix well.
Heat water on slow flame in a vessel.

When small water bubbles are seen at the bottom of the vessel, pour less than 1 cup of hot water over the flour and knead with a ladle.

If needed add some more water little by little and make slightly loose dough but not watery.
If the dough is too thick its very difficult to press through the murukku press.
Now take idly plate and spread a wet cotton cloth over it.
Place idiyappam making plate [ achu ] inside the murukku press and fill with prepared dough.

Spread idiyappam over the cloth by pressing the maavu.

Keep the idly plate inside the idly maker/kadai.
Close with lid to steam cook the maavu.
It takes less than 10 minutes to get soft idiyappam.
Transfer the cooked idiyappam over a plate.

Idiyappam [ Rice Noodles ]

Again squeeze maavu through idiyappam achu over idly plate to steam cook one more plate.
Keep repeating the process till the dough got over.

Even after that some dough may be sticking to the inner side of the idiyappam press and also over the surface of the vessel in which the dough has been made.
The amount of left over dough may not be sufficient to fill up the idiyappam press.
So add one or two tea spoon of coconut scrap and mix well.
Make small small balls and steam cook just like we did for idiyappam.
The steam cooked balls are very very tasty when taken hot.
These balls can also be added to the prepared idiyappam as well.

Make lemon idiyappam, pulikaichal idiyappam or sweet idiyappam with sugar/jaggary & coconut scrap or relish idiyappam by pouring sweet coconut milk over it

sweet idiyappam with jaggary and coconut

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