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Vazhaipoo Koottu

#VazhaipooKoottu #BananaFlowerLentil : #Koottu prepared using vazhaipoo  ( banana flower ) and  murungai keerai ( #முருங்கைக்கீரை ) - drum stick leaves taste very good and it is one of the best combo koottu.
The inner tender bunches of vazhaipoo [ banan florets ] are good for this recipe and also take tender murungai keerai.
The astringent taste of inner part of the vazhaipoo is milder than the outer ones which is suitable for the preparation of koottu. Now let me present the recipe here.

Vazhaipoo Koottu [ Banana Flower Lentil ]

Ingredients :
vazhaipoo chopped nicely                         : 1/2 cup
Onion                                                         : 1. nicely chop
Murungai keerai ( முருங்கைக்கீரை )     : 1/2 cup
Sambar powder                                         : 1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder                                        : a pinch
Salt                                                           : 1/4 tsp ( adjust )
Green gram dhal                                         : 1 tblsp heaped

To grind :
Coconut scrap                                           : 2 tblsp
Cumin seeds                                              : 1/4 tsp
Rice flour                                                   : 2 pinches
Black pepper                                             : 3 to 4 numbers

For tempering :
Vengaya vadavam                               : a small quantity
Oil                                                      : 1/2 tsp

Method :
Take all the ingredients to grind in a mixer grinder jar and grind into a nice coconut paste adding little water.

Cook dhal in a pressure cooker adding a pinch of turmeric powder (3 whistle & 5 minutes on SIM ) .

The center stem of vazhaipoo does not have to be removed since inner tender part has been taken.
The bracts [ layer covering the florets ] of the inner most vazhaipoo can also be used as it is tender and edible.
Take 1/2 cup of water in a pressure cooker.
Add turmeric powder, Sambar powder  and salt.
Now add thinly chopped onion, vazhaipoo, murungai keerai and cooked dhal.
Mix well and close the lid with weight on.
Keep on high flame for one whistle.
Immediately pull out the weight and release the steam to avoid overcooking.
Keep the cooker on a slow flame without lid.
Add the coconut paste and mix well.
Cook for 3 minutes.
Now the koottu is ready and transfer into a serving bowl.
Temper vengaya vadagam and put on the koottu.
Murungai keerai [ Drumstick leaves ]

Vazhaipoo Koottu [ Banana Flower Lentil ]

This koottu can be relished by mixing with hot white rice.
Its a very good side dish for sambar rice and rasam rice.
The dish tastes very good when its hot.

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