Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pulikachal - Tamarind Rice Mix

Pulikachal is a thick paste made out of tamarind with other condiments.
There are many version of pulikachal and each one is unique in taste.
This mix is used to make pulisadam - puliyodharai - tamarind rice.
Puliyodharai is served as prasadam in most of the temples in Tamil Nadu, India. 
Especially Perumal temple Puliyodharai prasadam is very famous and we used to go to temple specially to enjoy it. 

Ingredients :
Tamarind                                       : a ball size
Red chilly                                        : 7 to 8
Asafoetida                                       : 1 small piece
Mustard seeds                                 : 1 tsp
Gram dhal                                       : 2 tblsp
Urad dhal                                        : 1 tsp

Ground nut                                      : 3 tblsp
Fenugreek                                       : 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves                                    : 15 to 20
Red chilly powder                            : 1 tsp
Turmeric powder                             : 1/4 tsp
Cumin powder                                : 1/2 tsp
Coriander powder                            : 2 tsp
Gingelly oil ( till oil ) preferred           : 4 tblsp
Salt                                                : 2 tsp
Jaggary                                           : 1/2 tsp

Method :
Soak tamarind in hot water half an hour before.
Keep a kadai on slow flame and add 2 tsp of oil.
Now fry broken pieces of 6 red chillies, urad dhal, gram dhal, ground nuts, fenu greek, and curry leaves.
When the dhal turns to golden brown color transfer into a container and keep aside.

Now in the same kadai add the remaining oil.

Squeeze out the juice of tamarind with water and strain into a vessel. keep aside.
( Do not add too much of water. The juice should be thick. )

When the oil becomes hot splutter mustard seeds, asafoedtida.
Add remaining red chilly and fry well.
Add chilly powder and immediately add tamarind juice.

Add all the other powders.
Let it simmer till the oil comes out.
Now add salt, the fried dhals and jaggary.
Allow it to simmer for some more minutes and see the oil forms a layer over the top.

Now transfer into a clean and dry glass/clay bowl or glass bottle and allow it to come to room temperature before closing with a lid.

You can store it for a week to 10 days either in fridge or outside.

Note : Adjust red chilly powder and salt in accordance with the sourness of tamarind.
The pulikachal is usually done with old tamarind.
Freshly crushed 1/2 tsp pepper can also be added to get an extra aroma and taste.

 Pulikachal is mixed with rice to make puliyodharai and also good to mix with idiyappam.

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