Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kanjeepuram Idly

#KanjeepuramIdly is one of my daughter's favorite #lunchboxtiffin items during her school days. Actually the idlies are steam cooked in small small tumblers. But it can be made using normal idly plates. It is prepared in the same way as normal idly but the ratio differs. The ratio of rice to urad dal for regular idly is 4 : 1 but for Kanjeepuram idly, it is 3 : 1.
Let us see the method of preparation.
Number of Idlies made : 15

Kanjeepuram Idli

Ingredients :

1 cup                                Idly rawa
1/3 cup                             Urad dal
1 Tsp                               Salt

Coarsely grind
1 Tsp                               Black Pepper
1 Tsp                               Cumin

To add to batter :
2 Tsp                               Gingelly Oil [ Till oil ]

Method :
Wash and soak urad dal for half an hour.
Then grind in a mixer grinder till bubbles are formed.
Take idly rawa in a big vessel. Wash once and drain the water.
Transfer ground urad batter into the vessel containing idly rawa.
Add salt and mix well.

If needed add little water to get idly batter consistency.
Allow to ferment for 8 hours.

If the batter is prepared the previous night then the next day morning the idly can be steamed.

Next day keep idly maker with water on stove with high flame.
Smear all the pits of idly plate with oil.
Add coarsely ground pepper and oil to the batter. Mix well.

 Fill up each pit of the plate with idly batter.
Keep inside the idly maker. Close the lid.
Steam cook for 5 to 7 minutes.
Take out the idly plate after checking by inserting a knife inside a idly. If the knife comes out clean then the idly is cooked well.

Scoop out idlis using a spoon lubricated with water.

Arrange in a hot pack or a vessel with lid.

Again grease the idly plate with oil and fill the pits with batter.
Steam cook for 5 minutes.

These idlies can be relished with coconut chutney or tomato chutney.
The idlis are good with Sambar and mint Chutney also.

kanjeepuram idli kanjeepuram idli

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