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Masaal Vadai

#MasaalVadai : Idly - Vadai and Pongal - Vadai are typical breakfast menu in the hotels of Tamil Nadu. The vadai served for breakfast is Ulundhu vadai. There are two types of vadais widely prepared in Tamil Nadu. One is Ulundu vadai and another one is Masal Vadai or Paruppu vadai. There is one more vadai called milagu vadai that is made as an offering to the Lord Anjaneya.
Masal vadai is the famous evening snack served with coffee or tea. Road side tea stalls are popular for masal vadai.
#Vadai is prepared at home on festival days or on any special occasion to have with payasam.
Here let me present the method of doing masaal vadai.

Masaal vadai

Ingredients :
To Soak :
3/4 cup                                   Gram Dal [ Channa dal ]
2 Tsp                                      Black Gram dal [ urad dal ]

To grind :
1/2 Tsp                                   Salt
1 Tsp                                      Cumin
1 Tsp                                      Fennel
Small piece                              Ginger
2 or 3                                      Red chilly

To add to dough:
1 medium size                         Onion, nicely chop
1/4 cup                                   Coriander leaves nicely chopped
12                                          Curry leaves

3/4 cup                                  Oil to fry.

Method :
Wash and soak gram dal and urad dal for an hour.
After one hour drain water completely using a colander.

Heat oil in a kadai over medium flame.

Now first coarsely grind all the given ingredients to grind.
Then add soaked dal and grind coarsely.
Transfer into a wide mouthed vessel.
Add onion, curry leaves and coriander leaves and mix well.

The dough should be thick without any excess water.

Make small balls of equal size and wait till the oil becomes hot.
Take a ball and keep on your palm of left hand.
Now flatten it by pressing with right hand.
Drop slowly into oil.
Try to fry four or five at a time.

Flip the other side using a long ladle and fry until vadais turn golden brown color.
Take out from oil and place over a kitchen towel/tissue to remove excess oil.

Enjoy crispy spicy masaal vadai with a cup of hot coffee or tea. mmm... woh!!..

Masaal vadai

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