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Buckwheat Neer Kozhukattai

#BuckwheatNeerKozhukattai : Now I have started liking Neer kozhukattai for dinner as lots of vegetables or green leaves can be added to it.
#Buckwheat contains a glucoside called rutin, a phytochemical that strengthens capillary walls.[40] One clinical study showed mixed results in the treatment ofchronic venous insufficiency.[41] Dried buckwheat leaves were manufactured in Europe under the brand name "Fagorutin" for use as a tisane.
Buckwheat [ Paapparai in Tamil ]

It also contains galloylated propelargonidins and procyanidins.[42]
Buckwheat contains D-chiro-inositol, a component of the secondary messenger pathway for insulin signal transduction found to be deficient in Type IIdiabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome. It is being studied for use in treating Type II diabetes.[43] [44]
Research on D-chiro-inositol and PCOS has shown promising results.[45][46]
High protein buckwheat flour is being studied for possible use as a functional ingredient in foods to reduce plasma cholesterol, body fat, and cholesterol gallstones.[47] 
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Here let me present the method of preparing dumpling using buckwheat

Buckwheat Neer Kozhukattai

Ingredients :
1/4 cup                                       Buckwheat
1/4 cup                                       Rice flour
1/4 cup                                       Broken corn ( maize )
1 Tbsp                                        Oats
2 Tbsp                                        Coconut scrap
1/2 Tsp                                       Salt ( adjust )

1 Tsp                                          Onion nicely chopped
1/4 Cup                                      Soya chunks, soak in hot water with salt
1 Tsp                                          Carrot grated ( optional )
1 Tsp                                           Green peas ( optional )
1 or 2                                          Mushrooms ( optional )
A small amount of curry leaves and coriander leaves.

To Temper :
1/2 Tsp                                       Mustard seeds
1/2 Tsp                                       Cumin
1 or 2                                          Red chilly
1/2 Tsp                                        Pepper Cumin powder
2 pinches                                     Asafoetida powder

Method :
Coarsely grind buckwheat in a mixer grinder and transfer into a wide mouthed vessel.
Then mix other flours, broken corn, coconut scrap and salt by adding water little by little.
Make a tight dough.
Using both the hands roll the dough into small balls.
Boil a cup of water in a vessel on high flame.
When water starts boiling reduce the flame to SIM.
Now add balls into boiling water slowly. The balls settle at the bottom.

Do not disturb the balls for 2 - 3 minutes.
After some time balls slowly come up and start floating on the surface of the boiling water.
At this stage stir these boiling dumpling with a ladle.
Let it simmer for 8 to 10 minutes.
Check whether the balls are cooked well.
Take out from the water and keep in a bowl.

The water used for cooking the dumplings would have turned into porridge. 
Do not throw away this porridge. It can be consumed either with salt or jaggery.

Now keep a kadai on stove with 1/2 Tsp of oil.
Splutter mustard and cumin seeds.
Then add broken pieces of red chilly.
At this stage add curry leaves, coriander leaves and onion and saute for a few seconds.
Then add all the vegetables, soya chunks and enough salt.

Buckwheat Neer Kozhukattai

Saute for a few minutes. Now add the prepared dumplings and mix well.
Add pepper cumin powder and check salt.
Transfer into a serving bowl.

Buckwheat Neer Kozhukattai

Enjoy hot n spicy buckwheat neer kozhukattai with porridge!!

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