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Amaranth Seeds Payasam 1

#AmaranthPayasam 1 : #Amaranth is a leafy vegetable ( greens ) and a seed. Amaranth is nothing but widely used leafy vegetable called Thandu keerai or Mulai keerai in Tamil. The seeds are called amarnath seeds or amaranth in Tamil. It is called Rajkir Kara in Chhattisgarh.
There are many varieties of amaranth. Some are cultivated for food and some are grown as ornamental plants and some grow in wild. The leaves of some amaranth are in green in color, some are green and red in the middle and fully red in color. The whole plant is edible. The leaves are used as leafy vegetable, the stem is also cooked and the seeds are also used to make dishes. Even the white roots are cleaned, peeled and used in the preparation of sambar. Some amaranth flowers are strikingly beautiful and red in color and which produce lots of seeds. All the seeds are edible whether its cultivated or garden or wild varieties .
To know more about the plant
Amaranth Plant

Several studies have shown that like oats, amaranth seed or oil may be of benefit for those with hypertension and cardiovascular disease; regular consumption reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels, while improving antioxidant status and some immune parameters
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Here let me present the method of preparing payasam using amaranth seeds.

Amaranth Payasam

Amaranth seeds
Ingredients :
1 Tbsp                                         Amaranth or Amarnath seeds
1 pinch                                         Salt
1/2 cup                                        Milk
1/4 cup                                        Jaggery ( adjust )
4                                                  Almonds, grate
Small amount of Maze [ Jathi pathiri ]or Nutmeg [ Jathikkai ]

Method :
Soak amaranth in water for 3/4 to 1 hour.

Grind into a very nice paste using mixer grinder.
Mix this with milk and add a pinch of salt.
Keep on slow flame and keep stirring continuously.
Otherwise it will get stuck to the bottom.

In another burner dissolve jaggery in 1/4 cup of water and filter.
Again keep the jaggery mixed water on slow flame.

Allow to boil for 3 minutes and then switch off.

When the milk and amaranth mixture becomes shiny and comes to porridge consistency, switch off the stove.
Now add jaggery dissolved water and powdered nutmeg or maze.
Mix well.
Serve hot or cold garnishing with almond shavings.

Amaranth Payasam

mm.... tasty tasty amaranth payasam!!...

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