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Thinai Payasam 4

#Thinaipayasam - #FoxtailMilletPayasam : Thinai is known as Foxtail Millet in English. The botanical name is Setaria italica, formerly as Panicum italicum. Other names are German millet, Italian millet, Chinese millet and Hungarian millet. In ancient days Tamils consumed gruel prepared with thinai flour and other foods like kali, koozh were also made.

The thinai grains which I had earlier could be able to grind into a fine paste after soaking it for sometime in water. The recipe of Thinai Payasam which I have already shared in this blog a few days back.

But the one that I am having now is of different quality. The outer cover of the grain is very thick. It could not be able to grind into a fine paste even after soaking it up for more than three hours. The husks floating over the paste of thinai is very difficult to swallow even after being cooked well.  So I have made a decision to filter out the husk from thinai paste. We have got thinai milk after filtering out the husk from thinai paste.
Let me present  thinai payasam recipe using this thinai milk.

Ingredients :
1/4 cup                           Thinai [ Foxtail millet ]
1 cup                              Milk
1/8 cup                           Sugar [ adjust ]
1 Tbsp                            Semiya [ vermicelli ]
1 pinch                           Salt
4 or 5 strings                  Saffron
a small piece                   Nutmeg, powder
1 Tsp                              Almond grated

Method :
Soak thinai in water for 3 to 4 hours.
Grind into a fine paste in a blender or mixer grinder adding little water.
Strain through a tea filter or a clean muslin cloth.

Repeat the above process two more times to extract the milk completely from thinai grains.

Thinai Milk extracted

 Discard the husk settled over the filter.

Mix milk and thinai milk together in a vessel. Heat it over a medium flame on a stove.

Keep stirring continuously with a long ladle. When the milk becomes shiny and attains porridge consistency, then add semiya.
Keep stirring until semiya becomes soft.
Then add sugar and stir continuously to dissolve it.
Now add crushed nutmeg.
Allow to simmer for 3 - 5 minutes.
Turn off the stove.
Transfer into serving bowls.
Top them with grated almond  and saffron strings.

Tasty yummy thinai paal payasam ready. The taste of this payasam reminds me the infants' food, Farex!!
Whatever be the method you have followed to prepare thinai payasam, the final product is the tastiest one!! Thinai paal payasam is the best one among all paal payasam

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