Friday, March 21, 2014

Thinai Milk Payasam

#ThinaiMilkPayasam - #FoxtailMilletPayasam :
#Thinai is known as Foxtail Millet in English. The botanical name is Setaria italica, formerly as Panicum italicum. Other names are German millet, Italian millet, Chinese millet and Hungarian millet. In ancient days Tamils consumed gruel prepared with thinai flour and other foods like kali, koozh also made.

According to me #Thinai is best suited for making yummy payasam. We have already seen two ways of making payasam using foxtail millet. They are Thinai Payasam  and Thinai Paal Payasam. Let me present one more here.

Thinai Paal Payasam 3 [ Foxtail millet Payasam 3 ]

Ingredients :
1/8 cup                                   Thinai
1 Tbsp heaped                        Sugar
1 1/2 cup                                Milk
1 pinch                                   salt
1/4 Tsp                                  Cardamom powder
cashew nuts or almond shaving to garnish.

Method :
Pressure cook thinai for 3 whistles and 5 minutes at SIM adding 1/3 cup of water.
Open the cooker after it ran out of steam.
Let it cools down a bit.
Then grind in a mixer grinder into a smooth paste.
Cooked Thinai [ Foxtail Millet ]
Keep aside.
Boil milk and then add thinai paste.
Stir well for some time.
Now add sugar and a pinch of salt.

Allow to simmer for 10 minutes or until the mixture attains porridge consistency.
Transfer into a serving bowl.
Serve hot, topping it with roasted cashews.

Thinai Paal Payasam 3 [ Foxtail millet Payasam 3 ]

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