Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vengaya Vadavam

#VengayaVadavam or #VengayaVadagam is a preserve of dried onion with spices and dal. Usually vadavam is prepared during Summer and when onions are available at a cheap price. This dried onion can be preserved and used for a year or more. It has to be tempered in hot oil and used as seasoning for koottu, kuzhambu and sambar. Thuvaiyal [ chutney ] called Vadavathuvaiyal is also prepared from vengaya vadavam.

Vengaya Vadavam [ Dried Shallots ]
Vengaya Vadavam or Vengaya Vadagam
Dried Shallots with condiments.

Ingredients :
1 kg                                      Small Onion
20 cloves                               Garlic
1/4 cup                                 Mustard seeds
1 Tsp                                    Turmeric powder
1 Tsp                                    Curry leaf powder
2 Tbsp                                 Salt [ adjust ]
To Soak :
3 Tbsp                                 Urad dal
1 Tbsp                                 Fenugreek [ venthayam ]
1 Tbsp                                 Cumin

To add :
1 1/2 Tsp                            Castor oil

Small Onion or Sambar Onion [ Shallots ]

Day 1 Morning :
Remove skins of onions and garlic.

Small Onion or Sambar Onion [ Shallots ]

Nicely chop onion and garlic in the evening.

Day 1 Evening :
Take chopped onion and garlic in a big vessel.
Add turmeric powder, mustard seeds, 2 Tsp cumin seeds and salt.

Vengaya Vadavam

Mix well, close with a lid and allow to stand over night.
Soak cumin seeds, fenugreek and urad dal in another small bowl.

Day 2 Morning :
Open the lid and mix well with a ladle. The mixture would be slightly watery.

Vengaya Vadavam

Drain water completely from soaked dal.

Grind coarsely using a mixer grinder.

Add to the chopped onion mixture and stir well with a ladle.

Vengaya Vadagam

Spread on a big plate and dry in the Sun.

Vengaya Vadavam

Day 2 Evening :
Add castor oil and mix well using hand.
Roll into equal sized balls.

Vengaya Vadavam

Day 3 :
Dry outside under the Sun.
Vengaya Vadavam
Morning kept under the Sun to dry 

Vengaya Vadavam
At noon drying 
Day 4 Morning :
Take each ball in your hand and give little pressure and tighten the balls.
Some mustard seeds and dal added to the mixture falls down while tightening the balls.
Collect those loose things in a small plate and again dry under the SUN.

Dry another two to three days or until the balls completely dries up.
Then store in an airtight bottle.

Vengaya Vadavam [ Dried Shallots ]
Vengaya Vadavam or Vengaya Vadagam
Dried Shallots with condiments.

This can be preserved like this for a year or more provided its dried in the Sun without any water content.

Take one or two balls and store in a small container for daily use.

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