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Keerai Vadai - Greens Vadai

#KeeraiVadai - # GreensVadai : We have already seen the method of preparing Cauliflower vadai and simple Ulundhu vadai earlier. If greens [ keerai ] are added into the batter and then have to fry in oil to get crispy healthy greensvadai. Any variety of greens can be added like amaranth, spinach [ kodi pasalai ], palak, etc.,

We all know that greens are packed with vitamins and minerals. It is also a good source of fibers. It is very important to include at least any one green leafy vegetable in our daily diet.

Take out a half cup of urad dhal [ black gram - ulundu ] batter while grinding for idly.
Here comes the recipe.

Keerai vadai [ Greens vadai ]

Ingredients :
Urad dhal batter                              : 1/2 cup
Rawa (sooji)                                   : 2 tblsp
Rice flour                                        : 1 tblsp
Onion                                             : 1 small size
Green leafy vegetable                      : 1/3 cup washed and chopped finely
Curry & coriander leaves                : a small quantity
Green chilly                                    : 1 (optional )
Black pepper grated                       : 2 pinches
Cumin                                            : 2 pinches
Salt                                                : 1/2 tsp
Oil                                                 : 1 cup

Method :
Add rawa to the urad dhal batter and mix well. Store in the fridge for half an hour to avoid fermentation.
After half an hour heat kadai with oil on a stove over a medium flame.

Now chop onion, green chilly, curry leaves, green leafy vegetable and coriander leaves finely.
Take out the batter from the fridge.
Add rice flour, salt.

Then add chopped ingredients, cumin and pepper powder.
Mix well. If the batter is little watery add 1 or 2 Tsp of rice flour.

By the time oil would have become slightly fuming hot.

Make a ball after lubricating hands with water.
Then flatten it making a hole at the center and slowly glide into the hot fuming oil.
Fry over a medium flame until it turns golden brown.

Take out from the oil and place on a tissue/ kitchen paper to remove excess oil.

Have vadai with white coconut chutney or sambar.

Keerai Vadai - Greens Vadai

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