Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Red Greens Masiyal

#RedGreensMasiyal - #MashedRedGreens : Red green leafy vegetable belongs to Amaranth family. It is otherwise known as red amaranth greens.
Amaranth leaves are more nutritious than a cup of milk. It is packed with Vitamin A, C, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Folate and minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, potassium, phosphorous.
The color indicates that this greens have beta carotene and because of its presence and iron red greens is good for anemic patients.
The protein present in it is unique and the amount present in it is more than any other grains like wheat and rice.

Tender leaves should be taken for this recipe. This tasty and tender red amaranth greens are available here at Raipur throughout the year.
Here let me present a very simple masiyal - mashed red amaranth leaves with garlic.

Red Amaranth greens mashed

Ingredients :
1 CupRed Amaranth Greens
2 clovesGarlic
1/2 TspSalt

Method :

Wash the leaves well two or three times to remove dust and sand particles sticking to it.
Keep on a cutting board or a colander to drain the water.

Take 1/2 cup of water in a pressure cooker.
Add washed red greens.
Close the cooker with weight on.
Pressure cook on HIGH flame for a whistle.
Turn off the stove after one whistle.
Immediately keep under running water and release pressure.

Transfer the cooked greens into a bowl.
Allow it to come down to room temperature.

Do not throw away the cooked water. It can be added to rasam or sambar.

Peel garlic and take in a mixie jar.
Run for a second to grind garlic coarsely.
Now add cooked and cooled down greens and salt.

Grind coarsely without adding water.
Run for 2 to 3 seconds only which is enough to coarsely grind the greens.

Simple,Tasty and healthy masiyal - mashed greens ready.
Grind coarsely cooked Red Amaranth greens with salt and garlic.

Take hot white rice in a plate. Add 2 or 3 Tsp full of masiyal and add a tsp of gingelly oil.
Mix well with hand. Relish with murungaikai sambar or any poriyal/curry of your choice.

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