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#KambuCauliflowerPancake - #BajraCauliflowerPancake : 
#Kambu is the Tamil name of #PearlMillet. It is called #Bajra in Hindi.
Pearl millet is one of the widely grown #millet in India.
Millets are rich in vitamins and minerals. Especially pearl millet has more iron content than other grains like wheat and rice.
Here I would like to present a pancake recipe with pearl millet and cauliflower.

Kambu Cauliflower Pancake

Ingredients :
To Make Batter :
3/4 CupKambu Flour [ Bajra or Pearl millet flour ]
1/8 CupMultigrain Flour
1/8 CupAmaranth Flour [ Optional ]
1 TspBuckwheat Flour [ Optional ]
1 TspSalt
1/8 CupCurd
To Add to Batter
1 small sizeCauliflower
1 TspCumin seeds
1/8 CupOnion nicely chopped
1/8 CupCurry leaves nicely chopped
1/8 CupCoriander leaves nicely chopped
1 or 2Green chilly nicely chopped
1/2 TspPepper crushed

Oil to make pancake

Method :
Take all the given flours in a vessel.
Add salt and make a thick batter just like idly batter by adding enough water.
Beat the curd with a fork and transfer into the batter.

Mix well and keep aside for 15 minutes.

Keep cauliflower in salted hot water for 5 minutes.

Then cut florets and transfer into a mixie jar.
Run the mixie for a second to grind it coarsely. Add into the batter.

Add all the other ingredients given into the batter. Mix well.

Heat a dosai tawa on a stove over a medium flame.
Sprinkle oil over the tawa, then place 2 ladle full of batter at the center of the hot tawa.
Spread evenly using the backside of the ladle into a circle.

Apply few drops of  oil over and along the rim of pancake.
When the rim becomes golden color flip the side using a dosai ladle and cook the other side.
Kambu Cauliflower Pancake

Transfer on to a serving plate.

Kambu Cauliflower Pancake

Again grease the tawa to make one more.
Repeat the process until the batter got over.

Serve hot with any chutney of your choice or simply with tomato sauce.
Healthy tasty kambu cauliflower dosai is ready to taste!!

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