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Kambu Murukku

#KambuMurukku - #PearlMilletMurukku : #PearlMillet is called #Kambu in Tamil. It is called #Bajra in Hindi. Its scientific name is Pennisetum glaucum. This is one of the millets grown extensively through out India.
Generally #millet is rich in Vitamin B, fiber and minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, manganese and zinc. Especially pearl millet has high iron content compared to per 100 gm of rice and wheat.
We have seen some recipes done with pearl millet.
Here I would like to present a savory called #murukku using pearl millet flour.
Preparation time : 10 minutes
Cooking time : 20 minutes
Number of murukku prepared approximately 7

Kambu Murukku [ Pearl Millet Murukku ]

Ingredients :
1/2 CupKambu Maavu [ Pearl Millet Flour ]
1 TbspBesan [ Gram Flour ]
1 1/4 TbspFried Gram Flour [ Pottukadalai maavu ]
1/2 TspSalt [ Adjust ]
1/2 TspRed Chilly Powder
2 pinchAsafoetida
1/4 TspOmam [ Optional ]
1/4 TspCumin Seeds
1/4 TspTill [ Ellu ]
1 TspHot oil

1 cup of oil to fry murukku.
#Murukkupress with murukku plate.

Soak asafoetida in water in a small bowl for 10 minutes

Heat kadai with oil on a stove over medium flame.

Now take all the dry ingredients in a wide mouthed vessel.
Mix well.

Ingredients for Kambu Murukku [ Pearl Millet Murukku ]

Then take 1 Tsp of hot oil from the kadai and add into the flour mixture.

Rub hot oil with flour mix

Rub with fingers to mix the hot oil with the flour.
Then add asafoetida water and knead into a tight dough adding enough water.

Kambu Murukku Dough [ Pearl Millet Dough ]

Fill the murukku press with enough dough.

Fill the murukku press with dough

Drop a little dough into the hot oil.
If it comes up from the bottom of the hot oil to the surface of the oil and starts frying then the oil is ready to fry murukku.

Hold the murukkupress with dough at a distance directly above a small plate or ladle or dosai ladle.
Give pressure over the handle of murukkupress to get strings of dough to come out of it through small holes of the press.
Swirl the murukkupress in order to make a circular layer of murukku on a small plate or ladle or dosai ladle.
Cut the strings of dough from the murukkupress.

Make 3 or 4 at a time on different plates or ladles.

Keep the murukku press aside. Drop the murukkus done on plate/ladle gently one by one into the hot oil.
Three or four murukku can be fried at a time.
Allow to fry for a minute or two.

Kambu Murukku [ Pearl Millet Murukku ] frying in oil

Then flip them to fry the other side.

Flip Kambu Murukku [ Pearl Millet Murukku ] frying in the oil to fry the other side

When the murukkus stop frying and the oil becomes silent, take it out of the oil.

Kambu Murukku [ Pearl Millet Murukku ]

Drain over a plate layered with tissue paper to absorb the excess oil.

Kambu Murukku [ Pearl Millet Murukku ]

Repeat the above procedure to fry next batch of murukku.
Fry murukku in batches following the same way until the dough got over.
Store in an airtight container.

Kambu Murukku [ Pearl Millet Murukku ]

It can be stored for a week to 10 days.

Note :
Try to make murukku as soon as the dough is ready.

If murukku have to be done in large quantity then the rub all dry ingredients with oil in a big vessel.
Keep aside.
Take out only 1/4 th of the flour mix rubbed with oil in another vessel and knead into a dough with asafoetida water & water.

If dough is kneaded all together at the beginning itself then the last batches of murukku prepared will be harder than the one prepared in first few batches.

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